Exchange of knowledge in Kenya

DLV Consultancy is involved in a new project in Kenya for Egerton University called ‘Capacity building for strengthening the Livestock Value Chain’. The project, led by Q-point, tries to bring knowledge from the Netherlands to Kenya.

De assignment consists of two elements. First, Egerton University wants to bring multiple Kenyan organisations and companies together to share their knowledge. They call this the ‘Centre of Excellence’.  This has to be a platform of different knowledge institutes, consultancies and companies. Students of the Egerton University can provide knowledge in this centre and besides that it is a great opportunity for internships and maybe even a job.

Second, they want to develop an ‘agribusiness incubator in the livestock value chain’.  This is a experimental farm were students gain practical knowledge. Graduated students have a lot of theoretical knowledge but sometimes lack practical knowledge. This model farm has to change this. Besides that, it provides an opportunity for innovative ideas. The consultants of DLV Consultancy will play a role in this part of the project. 

Besides DLV Consultancy and Q-point, HAS Den Bosch, Maastricht School of Management (MSM), Rabobank International Advisory Services (Rias) and GrowthAfrica (Kenya) are also a part of this project. 

For more information about this project, please contact Harm Wientjes, project manager, via or  +31 6 20 39 82 71 or Niek Groot Wassink, livestock consultant, via or +31 6 13 37 91 07.

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