Entrepreneurs are constantly working to improve and grow their businesses. Sooner or later this will probably involve some construction, renovation or extension work. DLV Consultancy has many years’ experience in supervising and supporting agricultural construction projects. 

DLV Consultancy builds worldwide

DLV Consultancy is involved in hundreds of construction projects every year. We provide financial advice, handle the design, drawing and building work, and support you throughout the construction process. We design and oversee the construction of all kinds of buildings from livestock sheds and stores to model farms and research centres. 
And not just in the Netherlands but way beyond our borders too: we’ve built model and full-scale farms in countries including China, Egypt, Kenya and Rwanda

The project leader as the linchpin

DLV Consultancy produces a carefully planned design tailored precisely to your local situation. Our project leaders are on hand to ensure the construction process runs smoothly. They keep an eye on the planning and make sure the work is being done efficiently, and they act as the link between the entrepreneur or investor and the various authorities and companies involved.