Measuring welfare of dairy cows

Measuring the welfare of dairy cows with a practical measurement is possible with the Welfare Monitor. DLV Advies and the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine developed the Welfare Monitor together with veterinaires, Vetvice and 60 dairy farmers. This project is performed by ZuivelNL and the ministry of Economic Affairs. 

Practical measurement

The Welfare Monitor measures the different parameters on animal welfare, behaviour, nutrition, water and housing. This gives insight in the welfare of the animal and makes improvements possible. The dairy farmer can use this in their management. 

The cow judges the housing

Observing the cow gives the dairy farmers the best information if the housing of the cow is sufficient enough. Locomotion, damages on the skin and hygiene are important parameters. By obeserving the cows a lot of welfare and health problems can be solved. The project shows that with minor adjustment the problems can be solved. 

Wath the video to learn more about the Welfare Monitor. 


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