Poultry units realized in Rwanda

DLV Consultancy designed and accompanied the building process for 3 research poultry units in Nyagatare Rwanda. Several systems can be combined in one house. One extra central section can be used for feed and egg storage. But also als administration and office. Advised is to build a block with 5 section. The middle section as central room and 4 different systems.

The capacity would then be 500 broilers and 250 layers and the livestock system can be used for demonstration and research.

Workshop for profitable analysis

Several workshops have been held about economics, cost effectiveness and profitability of livestock systems. Additionally the teams have made a profitability analysis of Rwandan situation for broilers and layer production systems. From these analyses we have derived a financial long term projection (payback period) for the Rwandan livestock systems.

Convince future investors

The groups have presented their ‘elevator pitch’ in 1 minute, to get to the bottom line of their plans and be able to convince future investors to invest in their business plan. Continuing these discussions and brainstorms has brought us to the assumptions, desires and constraints which are the bases for the qualitative business plans.

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