Largest sheep farm in Europe

DLV Consultancy has designed the largest sheep farm in Europe in cooperation with other Dutch consultants. The farm has been built in Kursk, Russia and houses 17.000 lambs of Australian origin. These lambs grow fast and only have a short and light wool production. Lamb meat is popular in Russia and the investor has the ambition to realise several more farms as well as processing facilities.

Optimization of comfort and cost

A sheep complex, for this number of animals in a rather extreme land-climate with cold winters and hot summers, is rather unprecedented. The farm logistics and building costs have been optimised while keeping comfortable conditions for the animals. Smaller lambs are kept with their mother where they can also access their own specific feed through a special fence. Grouping has been optimised in order to reduce traffic and labour. Instead of one large building, several narrow buildings are built to realize a better climate and a better view on the animals.

Added value of DLV Consultancy

The project is a clear example of the added value of the design team of DLV Consultancy. As an independent consultancy firm we can advise on optimal design choices without any prejudice. Although large scaled farms like this sheep farm do not exist in our home market, DLV Consultancy can contribute with a lot of practical know how.  

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