Succesful training sessions in Kenya

Participants of the training course provided by DLV Consultancy and Q-point in Kenya were very satisfied. The most important innovative learning points were covered during this course. Practical knowledge of the Dutch dairy sector was used to develop the training course in Kenya.

DLV Consultancy succesfully organised a training course in Eldoret, Kenya. Niek Groot Wassink and Victor Volkers from Q-point were asked to practically amplify a training program to train the trainers on socio economic aspects in dairy farming. They translated their knowledge of the Dutch animaly husbandry and agriculture to the Kenyan standards and the target group. With small steps they introduced the basics of record keeping, data gathering, book keeping and cost analysis.

The participants were very satisfied with the training provided. The training met their expectations as the content captured the most ignored issues by farmers in that region. The practical experience of both Niek en Victor was translated in a realistic and understandable presentation. The most important innovative learning points, according to the participants, were: sustainability, future forecasting, budgeting, long term investments and data analysis. In groups the participants were stimulated to be actively involved by working on real data challenges.

Next project
With the experience and knowledge of this succesfull first course, DLV Consultancy is exploring new opportunities for other trainingprogrammes. Together with Q-point new projects will be developed. 

Read more about this project on the Customer Experience page. 

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