Kenyans visit the Netherlands

A group of seven Kenyan professors from the Pwani University visited the Netherlands to see different companies in the agricultural industry. DLV Consultancy and this group of professors are working together in a project named ‘Innovative ways of learning, demonstration farming and water management for enhanced food security and income generation in coastal regions’. In their project one outcome is ‘Developing, implementing and maintaining innovative educational programmes in food security that deliver competent graduates who are gender sensitive, entrepreneurial and relevant to labour market needs’. Besides that they want to run a sustainable demonstration farm in livestock and crop production and water management for training, research, outreach and supply of quality genetic materials to stakeholders.

DLV Consultancy is part of this project to give advice in agricultural aspects but besides that also how to consult. Besides DLV Consultancy, KI Samen offers technical knowledge. The Dutch organisations TU Delft and Q-point are also part of this project.

The Kenyan professors spent the day with Niek Groot Wassink, livestock consultant at DLV Consultancy, at dairy farm ‘De Vennekes’. The dairy farmer explained how he gaines data from his farm and which data is important for him and what he does with this information. The dairy farmer explained that the data about his cows, milk and feed is most important and he explained what he can conclude from that data. 

The day ended at a rabbit farm. The Kenyans already had a lot of knowledge about the rabbits and wanted to expand this knowledge. For that reason it was interesting to see how the Dutch entrepreneur works. They were also very interested in the breed of the rabbits and why the farmer choose for this breed. 

For more information about this project, please contact Harm Wientjes, project manager, via or  +31 6 20 39 82 71) or Niek Groot Wassink, livestock consultant, via or +31 6 13 37 91 07.

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