Comparing results with norm targets

Corporate reporting must provide the right information to the right people at the right time. The content of a shareholder or corporate report enables the shareholder to analyse KPI’s and financial results of the farm that together provide a clear picture of the company’s ability to perform according to performance targets.

Meaningful information

The quality of a corporate report is judged by its ability to convey meaningful information so that the investor can draw rational inferences. Accountants provide solely information about financial results and management information systems provide bulk data. Shareholder reporting designed by DLV Consultancy provides the shareholder with the ideal mix of the former two and compare the performances with the norm targets which could have been acquainted. These targets are farm specific, they are based upon a thorough quantitative analyses of farm specifics. Comparing the results with the norm makes it possible to get grip on results and where to intervene in management.

The picture compares the results alongside the norm targets. This gives a better insight in what profit could have been achieved.

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