Train the Trainer in Rwanda

Training course for professors at the University of Rwanda.

With help from the Dutch government, the University of Rwanda invested in a model farm with poultry and pigs. 
DLV Consultancy supported this project by managing the building process and advising on housing equipment. The model farm is used for demonstrations and research. When the farm was ready Harm Wientjes ran a one-week training course for the professors of agriculture at the University of Rwanda.  

The training focused on two themes:
1. Management skills
Research at the University has shown that 10-50% of piglets die before weaning. The model farm contains four locally produced farrowing crates with a creep area for the piglets. Mr Wientjes trained the staff to improve piglet care and management immediately after birth. 

2. Cost price analysis

The professors were trained in how to produce a cost price analysis per kg meat or eggs. They were then able to use this to work out a business plan for the model farm, giving them valuable insight into the importance of good technical results for a profitable farm. Now they can teach farmers how management improvements can impact positively on a farm’s profitability.