Concrete pressure walls for box storage

Concrete pressure walls are more commonly used in box storages for potatoes or other crops. Concrete pressure walls are already frequently applied in bulk storages. DLV Consultancy recently invented a concrete wall that is producible by different suppliers.

Time saving

Besides the ethical aspects, these pressure walls are sturdy and sustainable. An additional benefit of these walls is the increase in efficiency during assembly. The panels are assembled simultaneously with the steel structure. This does not only save time in planning, but also saves time on the work floor or in workshops. Because of this, the price difference between these panels and the traditional wooden walls is small. 

Sturdy and sustainable

Barry Akkerman, projectleader construction at DLV Consultancy: “The sturdiness and sustainability are the added value of these concrete pressure walls. No loose elements and less seams make sure the whole looks tighter and more beautiful. No mold can form on these walls. Underlayment that did not dry well enough causes the formation of mold. With concrete this is not possible because it soaks up a minimum of moist.” 

Do you have plans for construction? Consider these concrete pressurewalls. Our specialists can inform and advice you. 

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