Wageningen University

Design and construction of the innovation and research centre.

Wageningen University & Research is concentrating its test sites for dairy cattle at one national centre in the Netherlands - Dairy Campus. DLV Consultancy is supporting the design and construction of this innovation and research centre in cooperation with Arcadis Nederland.

Complete innovation and research centre
Dairy Campus is a cooperative alliance of several universities, dairy cooperative FrieslandCampina and research institutes. The Dairy Campus will be a complete innovation and research centre, including facilities for training and practical experience. The centre aims to become a platform where research, innovation, education, gaining practical experience and the business sector can meet and cooperate.

Complex project
DLV Consultancy manager Mr. Versluis on the complex nature of this project: “In the design we have to take into account the different demands placed by research, education and the cattle. The Dairy Campus will number various barns for the cattle and a milking parlour. There is space for a total of 550 cattle. The barns will all have an individual research function, for animal nutrition, the environment and research into welfare. The Campus will also feature a transitional barn and innovation barn. 

A reception building with offices, classrooms and practice rooms will also be built. This building will also contain flexible workstations for students and teachers from the participating universities.

Building on budget
As the building will be used by multiple users, each with their own requirements, is it crucial to safeguard the main aims, as well as considering the fact that the project has third-party funding. It is extremely important to use the finances carefully and wisely, to enable the projected aims to be realised as optimally as possible. These considerations make the project more complex than a “normal” project. DLV Consultancy is looking for the best solutions within the framework of the wishes of all the users. Solutions that are lean and mean, to ensure the project is completed on budget.