Feasibility study in Pakistan

Feasibility study for the establishment of a joint venture.

At the invitation of Al Rawafed Holding, Abu Dhabi, Harm Wientjes visited Pakistan together with two external experts. 

Joint venture

The main objective of the trip was to carry out a feasibility study for the establishment of a joint venture between the Pakistani army and an investor from the United Arab Emirates (UAE), consisting of three cattle farms and the associated processing companies. Two of the farms had a herd of buffalo and six new sheds for 1,200 cows and a herd of cross-breed cows and eight new sheds for 1,700 cows respectively, and the third was a completely new farm with capacity for a 1,000-cow herd.  

Dairy factories dating back 50 years

There are two similar dairy factories there which have been operating for more than 50 years using the same powder drying equipment. Although the equipment is outdated and far more energy-hungry than modern systems, it was very heartening to see how these factories had been kept operational for such a long time.  

High-potential plan

The plan has a great deal of potential. The main improvement priority is to speed up the decision-making process for day-to-day management decisions and then to focus on improving the farms’ results.